Larry Bird Not So Sure His Era Is The Greatest Anymore After Watching Steph Curry & Others


In recent months, former NBA players such as Track McGrady, Gary Payton, Oscar Robertson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have been very outspoken on how bad today’s NBA era is compared to their own.

There is one former NBA great that doesn’t have the same ‘GET OFF MY LAWN’ & ‘BACK IN MY DAY’ mentality when speaking about the players of today. That player is Larry Bird.

You’re not going to find too many former players that will agree with the Boston Celtics legend when he states that he doesn’t think his era is the greatest anymore—not after watching the new kids on the block:

“It’s funny how the game has changed,” Bird said. “And my thinking about it. I was really worried back, sixteen, seventeen years ago…that the little guy didn’t have a spot in the NBA anymore. It was just going to be the big guards like Magic Johnson. Then players started shooting more threes and spacing the court, and everyone wants small guards now.”

“Watching these kids play now, I’m like everybody else: ‘Wow, man. They can really shoot!’ They have freedom to get to the basket. The ball moves a little better. These kids are shooting from farther, with more accuracy. Now some teams shoot up around thirty threes a game. My era, you always think, that’s the greatest era. But I’m not so sure anymore.”

CTE in former basketball players is real folks. I will respectfully disagree and leave it at that.


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