Mayweather Is Offering McGregor $50M to Fight on NYE


When a UK based website stirred up the sports world about retired boxer Floyd Mayweather and MMA star Conor McGregor negotiating a deal to fight each other in Las Vegas, the rumors were put to rest by so-called insiders.

That was until both parties actually started talking about the matchup actually happening. On Friday, TMZ got even more details about how much Floyd Mayweather is offering McGregor to fight him on New Years Eve.

Floyd Mayweather has a $50 MILLION offer out to Conor McGregor, sources tell TMZ Sports … but it’s going to take a lot more to seal the deal.

We’re told Floyd is proposing a New Year’s Eve fight in Vegas and Conor is game. We’re told Floyd’s $50 million offer is far less than half the amount the fight would rake in … and therein lies the rub.

Floyd has been talking to the wrong guy, because Conor can’t ink the deal. It’s all about convincing Dana White, and there’s just no way White would accept such a lopsided deal. Fact is … in 3 critical Pay-Per-View markets — Europe, Australia and Canada — Conor is a bigger star than Floyd.”

If Floyd is serious about this, he’s going to have to go through UFC president Dana White to get this deal done.

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