Nightclub Owner Wants to Make Johnny Manziel His VIP Host

Manzeil Strauss

In news that sounds really really sad, but also makes a lot of sense, Jason Strauss, a nightlife impresario behind such big-name concepts as Tao, Marquee, Avenue, and LAVO, has made a somewhat serious offer to Mr. Johnny Manziel about a new career.

Since this whole “football” thing doesn’t seem to be working out for Johnny Manziel, and he’s spending most of his time and money in bars anyway, Strauss took to Instagram to suggest that Johnny Football should become Johnny VIP Host at his clubs if he can’t get his act together.

Trying to convince Jonny Football @jmanziel2 that if the NFL doesn’t work out, he would make a kick ass Vip Host

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“If the NFL doesn’t work out…”

Man, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this.  Just another insane development in a string of weirdness and tragedy affecting Manziel’s life and career.

Maybe find a job that doesn’t put you in bars 30 hours a week, Johnny. Seeing as how you may have a problem.

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