Watching Rajon Rondo Play Connect 4 Against Isaiah Thomas for 9 Minutes Is Surprisingly Entertaining (Video)

watching rajon rondo play connect 4 with isaiah thomas for 9 minutes surprisingly entertaining

Connect 4 is a simple enough game that children can play it. However, there’s still a reasonable amount of strategy involved in it. For example, it has been mathematically proven that, if both players play perfectly, the first player will win every time on the 41st move if he or she starts in the center column. However, if the first player starts in the four outside columns, the second player will win on either the 40th or 42nd move.

Seriously. I read about it on Wikipedia.

Fortunately for Rajon Rondo, most NBA stars are not as well-versed in Connect 4 strategy as he is. So any time he busts out the grid, he dominates.

That certainly was the case on Thursday night in the NBA TV green room. When the Cavaliers-Raptors game turned into another blowout in the second half, Rondo, Isaiah Thomas, and Greg Anthony got bored and started playing Connect 4. And Rondo, a big Connect 4 enthusiast, took the old-timers to school.

The video, which NBA TV put up on Facebook, starts off a little slow. But it picks up when Greg Anthony opens his mouth, and from there on out it’s way more entertaining than you would have thought.

Take a look:

Of course, this was not the first time Rondo mopped the floor with sub-par Connect 4 competition. Remember this?

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The lesson? Rondo may give a half-assed effort on the court, but when it comes to Connect 4 this dude does not f%#& around.

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