Mayweather Gives $10K To A Family Of Dancers Who Were Living Out Of Their Van


If you follow retired boxer Floyd Mayweather on any of his social media sites, you know how much he loves to flaunt his riches & lavish lifestyle. Many people hate it, but there’s no denying he worked extremely hard to obtain it. This time, Mayweather reached out to a family in need.

A family of dancers named the ‘Finest Family’ had been struggling to make ends meet for years—that was, until they were summoned to meet Floyd Mayweather, who heard about their story.

TMZ breaks down the details of this once in a lifetime opportunity:

The dance group is called “The Finest Family” — comprised of 6 adorable siblings from Chicago … led by their dad, Henry.

They’re incredible dancers — but they’ve struggled financially for years. Henry says the family spent 6 months living out of their van in Chicago.

That was before Floyd came into the picture roughly 4 years ago … saw them dance, became an instant fan and vowed to be a mentor for life. They’ve since been featured on shows like “Steve Harvey.”

But earlier this month, with the family in serious need of cash (they wash cars to make ends meet), Mayweather contacted the crew and flew them out to Vegas to check in.

Get this … during the trip, Mayweather pulled out $10,000 IN CASH and gave it to the family … telling them, “Whatever you need, let me know.”

“He’s been a blessing,” Henry said of Floyd … “He’s amazing.”

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