Fan Creates GoFundMe To Help LeBron James After Inadvertent Elbow From Teammate

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I’d like to start this article off with a moment of internet silence…

That’s enough.

On Saturday, the Toronto Raptors not only won game 3 by a score of 99-84, but during the waning seconds of the first half, the Cleveland Cavs’ LeBron James almost sent ESPN into mourning as he was elbowed in the mouth by teammate Tristan Thompson, sending the king flying to the other side of the court.

One basketball fan quickly took to the crowdfunding website GoFundMe to get help for LeBron James. It reads as follows:

Lebron James was physically maligned while courageously trying to break up a scuffle between opposing thugs. This heroic and brazen act has rendered King Lebron virtually useless. Please donate and help Lebron get off of the ground. I know 25 million is a lot to ask but he is our King”

As you can see, it has raised absolutely nothing. Check out the page here.

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