Ravens RB Justin Forsett Visited Prison, Shocked Inmates Allowed To Play Fantasy Football

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals

Baltimore Ravens running back Justin Forsett had an eye-opening experience while visiting San Quentin Prison recently. Forsett is a part of a juvenile delinquency program that brings underprivileged and at-risk youth to San Quentin Prison to expose them to the realities of prison life.

Basically, scared straight.

Instead of the kids being shocked, Forsett says he himself was shocked to learn that the prison inmates were allowed to play fantasy football—as many of the inmates told Forsett they have him on their team.

“I was like, ‘WHAT, you all have fantasy football in here!?’ It brings a new perspective to a season-ending injury when you have an inmate telling you he had you on his fantasy team … and I know I didn’t get any points for this guy,” Forsett wrote in a blog post about the experience, published Monday.

“You know I had to apologize. It was a surreal experience that these guys know who you are and are playing fantasy football (I guess they get some type of good behavior privileges).”

“I’ve spoken at jails and juvenile detention centers before, and I’d say this experience was particularly life-changing,” he wrote. “I’ll definitely be back.” 


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