Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Will Do ANYTHING to Get Into a Championship Photo (Pics)

jerry jones youth basketball tournament championship photos

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a megalomaniac sex-fiend hell bent on glorifying himself with strippers and championships. However, while he manages to accomplish the former on a fairly regular basis, he has not been able to accomplish the latter in 20 years. And it seems Jerry is starting to get a little desperate.

How do we know? Because Jerry went to a youth basketball tournament in Dallas over the weekend and weaselled his way into as many championship photos as he could.

Yes, really. There were nine different age divisions at the PrimeTime Sports 2016 Dallas Elite Hoops Showcase over the weekend, and thanks to Twitter we know that Jerry Jones somehow wound up in two different championship team photos.

Here’s a tweet from one kid who seemed pretty psyched to meet Jerry:

And here’s a tweet from another kid who seems pretty confused as to why the f— Jerry was in their team photo:

Congratuations, Jerry Jones. YOU DID IT!!!

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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