John Daly Signals for Somebody to Get Him a Drink After Closing Out Round with an Eagle (Video)

john daly signals for somebody to get him a drink

John Daly just turned 50, and over the weekend he played his first ever PGA Tour Champions (née PGA Senior Tour) major event, the Regions Traditions in Birmingham, Alabama.

How did Daly do? He finished 15th, which isn’t great. But the important thing is that he stayed true to himself. He did not let the fact that he was playing golf with a bunch of old dudes cramp his frat bro style. Daly still wore his goofy pants, he still had a few smokes and, after he closed out his final round with an eagle, he gave a fist bump to his caddie/girlfriend, Anna Cladakis, before signaling for somebody (anybody?) to get him a drink.

Take a look:

All in a day’s work for a guy who wears SpongeBob pants and sells unofficial Masters memorabilia out of his RV at the Augusta Hooters.

Hat Tip – [Larry Brown Spots]

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