LeBron Will Cover the Cost of Dahntay Jones’ Groin Punch Suspension, a Whopping $80


Dahntay Jones was signed on the last day of the regular season by the Cavs for just $8,800. When he received his one-game suspension for punching Bismack Biyombo in the crotch, he was suspended without pay for one game. So how much is he losing?

A paltry $80, which equals 1/110 of the amount he was signed for. Being the nice guy that he is, LeBron has stated that he’ll cover that fine for his teammate.

Jones sat out last night’s loss against the Raptors, but will be back for game 5, hopefully punching fewer people in the crotch. But if he does, I think LeBron might be able to float a few more games’ pay, especially since his per diem outside of his contract is $127 per day.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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