Man Forced To Stir-Fry His Phone After Betting Against The Raptors (Video)


Regardless of what happens the rest of this series, the Toronto Raptors have already shocked the world coming back from a 0-2 deficit against the previously undefeated Cleveland Cavaliers to tie the Eastern Conference Finals at 2-2.

One person who did not see the Raptors winning two games against the Cavaliers(Insert EVERYBODY) is a Twitter user by the name of @RealLifeKaz. On May 15th, Kazeem Famuyide tweeted what he would do if the Raptors won 2 games against the Cavs.


On Monday, the Raptors won their second game.

“I thought they had the same chance that Yao Ming had of winning a three-point contest,” Famuyide told Ishmael N. Daro of Buzzfeed Canada“I’m yelling at my TV like, ‘Lebron, shoot the goddamn ball. Lebron, take over the goddamn game. You are by far the best player on the court, possibly in the world. You should be able to handle this!’”

He was a man of his word.


“I know better than to bet against Toronto now,” he said. “They literally made me eat my words.”

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