Craft Brewers from Colorado and Indiana Team Up for Peyton Manning Beer Called Oatmaha (Pic)

peyton manning beer oathama

Two craft brewers—one from Colorado, the other from Indiana—have teamed up for a collaborative brew honoring legendary NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, who is obviously very popular in both states. The beer is called Oatmaha, a reference to Manning’s famous pre-snap calls, and (obviously) to the fact that the beer is made with oats.

An initial run of Oatmaha was released by Tow Yard Brewing Company of Indianapolis back in November, and a second run was released by Factorum Brew House of Denver on Friday. After that sold out in a matter of hours, Factorum announced one more batch is being produced, and that it will go on sale June 3.

Given the shoutout Peyton gave to Budweiser, the anti-craft beer, after winning the Super Bowl back in February, you might think craft brewers would be hesitant to pay tribute to the guy. But rather than chastise him for his corporate-sponsored taste in suds, Factorum and Tow Yard are apparently trying to win him over with kindness.

Of course, for legal reasons the beer doesn’t feature Peyton Manning’s likeness or any direct reference to the Colts or Broncos. But oats in the brew are said to represent the horse-themed teams Peyton has led to glory, while the corn is said to represent the state of Indiana.

Laura Bruns, co-owner of Factorum, said she’s not sure if Peyton has tried Oatmaha. However, she did say that, if he’s in the neighborhood, the beer’s on the house.

“We do have a sixer of the Indiana version, a sixer of the Colorado version, and an Oatmaha T-shirt for him if he ever wants to stop by,” she told the Denver Post.

If I were Peyton, I’d take ’em up on that.

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