Watch Charles Barkley Lose to Ernie Johnson in a NBA on TNT Three-Point Contest (Video)

charles barkley vs ernie johnson nba on tnt three-point contest

Back in February, during All-Star Weekend in Toronto, Charles Barkley teased NBA on TNT colleague Ernie Johnson—who he calls “a grandpa”—about Johnson’s presumed lack of three-point shooting prowess. So on Tuesday, prior to Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals between the Thunder and Warriors, Chuck and Ernie decided to settle the matter once and for all with a NBA on TNT three-point contest at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Now, if you are old enough to remember Sir Charles’ playing days, then you know he was not much of a three-point shooter. In fact, among players with more than 2,000 attempts, Chuck actually has the worst 3-pt shooting percentage of all time.

But hey, he is a Hall of Famer. Surely he can beat a sportscaster who never even played college ball, right?


Hahahaha, no. Ernie hits 10 of 20 shots for a stout .500 shooting percentage, while Chuck finished 7 for 20. However, Chuck’s .350 shooting percentage did exceed his .266 career average, so that’s something.

Also, for the record, Ernie “Grandpa” Johnson is just six years older than Charles Barkley.

Never a dull moment on TNT.

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