Naturally, Inevitably, Gronk Is Eying a Career in the WWE After Football (Video)

rob gronkowski

As NFL careers get shorter due to concerns about injury, it makes sense that players would take bigger pains to arrange for a career and life after the game. It ALSO makes sense that the larger than life goofball Rob Gronkowski would seek to become a pro wrestler.  So, in that vein…

Gronk is considering becoming a pro wrestler after his time in the NFL!!!

Gronk is pals with NXT wrestler Mojo Rawley, and he had this to say about his wrestling buddy back in April:

“I love watching him. We were just chilling and we cut a promo together and we had a blast. I can definitely see something in the future. Hopefully Mojo Rawley starts wrestling a lot and starts doing what he has to do and makes it to Monday Night Raw, if my boy is there, I’m there for an appearance.”

And in this Draft Kings “Truth or Dare” video, the Pro Bowl tight end said that he’s game for a new athletic career:


This is such an unsurprising development that it barely even feels like news. Just the natural order of the world.

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