Former Ravens RB Ray Rice Gives ‘Life Management & Life Lessons’ Speech To Ravens Rookies

8. Ray Rice

The opportunity to return to the NFL that former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been hoping for since he ‘Ryu punched’ his girlfriend in an elevator back in 2014 is finally here. No, not back on a team to play football, but to talk to Ravens rookies about life lessons and life management skills.

The Ravens official Twitter account released a statement on Ray Rice speaking with the new players on the team.


According to a statement released via the team’s Twitter account, Rice was a part of the Ravens’ player engagement program designed to review and teach life management and life lessons to rookies. The former running back “delivered an important message that included his story, both the good and the bad” and “clearly had the attention of (Ravens’) rookies.”

No word on if any teams are still interested in the 29-year-old running back, but one thing’s for sure, he won’t be a Baltimore Ravens player ever again. Shortly after his incident in 2014, Owner Steve Biscoitti told his executives that the team should not add any players with a history of domestic violence.

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