This LFL Coach’s Profanity-Laden Tirade Suggests He Might Take His Job a Little Too Seriously (Video)

profanity coach

I’m a little conflicted about this one.

On the one hand, this coach surely realizes he’s employed in the Lingerie Football League (oops, it’s the Legends Football League now, because apparently it’s legendary), which likely wasn’t his first choice of jobs. So he’s making the most of it and taking his job seriously in an effort to win.

On the other hand, HE’S COACHING IN THE LINGERIE FOOTBALL LEAGUE AND NO ONE CARES. Well, he might care. And a few (but not all) of the players might care, but that’s about it.

So why’s he so fired up that’s he’s cursing a blue streak in the locker room? I have no idea, but it’s fascinating to watch:

In case you wanted some context (you probably didn’t), this is Jericho Harris, the head coach of the Austin Acoustic, as his team was trailing 20-0 at halftime of the Texas Bowl.

Yeah, those facts don’t mean anything to me, either.

The Acoustic ended up losing 46-6, so it seems these women weren’t really that motivated by their crazy coach.

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