Lil’ Wayne and Birdman Used to Bet $10,000 on SIMULATED ‘Madden’ Games, According to T-Pain (Video)

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Anyone who’s seen Birdman (aka Baby) on his episode of Cribs knows that the guy drops some pretty crazy money on stupid stuff. The same goes for Lil’ Wayne, as those Samsung champagne commercials would indicate. But a recent T-Pain interview on Twitch brought to light a whole new way of dropping money on ridiculous stuff.

According to the autotuned rapper/singer, when the three of them were in the studio, he would watch Weezy and Birdman drop $10k on Madden games that the computer was simulating. Why? I guess they had too much money.

Here’s the transcript, then the video below, courtesy of TMZ:

Let me tell y’all a story. Let me tell y’all how rich niggas are. When I used to be in the studio with Lil Wayne all the time and Birdman, Lil Wayne and Birdman would bet money. Lil Wayne and Birdman would bet $10,000 a game on Madden, and they would just let the computer play each other. They would bet that a team they pick would beat the team that the other guy picked, and they didn’t play the game. They just let the computer play each other, and they would just bet $10,000 on that game. I thought that was the most ballingest shit I had ever seen in my life. I never got in on the bets because, you know, I’m not an idiot. I didn’t want to spend all my money. I know them niggas got damn near billions of dollars, so I’m not about to act like I’m in that bracket. I made a few songs here and there, but goddamn!

And the video:

Wow. That’s a hell of a story. And a hell of a way to spend $10,000.

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