Warriors F Draymond Green Guarantees A Game 5 Win

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Three

Prior to games 3 & 4 in Oklahoma City, the Golden State Warriors hadn’t lost 2 consecutive games all year. After being served 24 and 28 point losses and a 3-1 series deficit, Warriors forward Draymond Green is confident they will be back in Oklahoma City for Game 6 after he guaranteed a Game 5 win.

Green wrote in his journal for The Undefeated:

“This team, this group of guys, we haven’t been in an elimination situation (since 2014),” Green wrote. “So it’s different. But I also know this team knows how to lock in. I know this team knows how to play tough. I know this team knows how to play like our lives depended on it.”

“And I have no doubt in my mind that we will win (Game 5). No doubt about that. I absolutely expect to be back here and I look forward to it.”

“I have to be better. I know this team energy goes as I go. They didn’t have nothing to look for. I haven’t given my guys anything. No leadership, no energy, nothing, which is what I bring to this team. It’s no shocker to me that we’re down 3-1 because I haven’t been there for two games. I wish I had the answer (as to why). I don’t have the answer. But I know I will change it. It’s not too late. That’s why it’s a seven-game series,” Green wrote.

That was the easy part, but now they have to go out there and actually do it. A 73-win season doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t win a ring.

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