Bryce Harper Hits Huge Homer without Batting Gloves, Returns to Dugout to Slice Up His Batting Gloves (Video)

brice harper

It’s not important to know what Bryce Harper‘s mindset was after he hit his homerun to break out of a small slump he’d been experiencing lately (mainly due to not getting throw a decent pitch in a week). I guess in an attempt to change his fortune, Bryce Harper took to the plate without batting gloves, then launching a monster homer into the third deck of right field.

He then proceeded to return to the dugout, where he sliced up his batting gloves with a pair of scissors.

Here’s the clip of all the nonsense:

Never try to get in the mind of a superstitious baseball player. It’s a weird and dangerous place. We’ll see how long Mr. Harper goes without gloves before stitching them back together to break from his next slump.

Bonus footage: Harper’s amazing hair flip after the dinger:

Hat Tip – [MLB]

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