Draymond Green Was Kicking Again in Game 5, And This Time He Almost Caught Kevin Durant in the Head (Video)

draymond green kicking kevin durant

After kicking Thunder center Steven Adams in the balls during Game 3 of the NBA Western Conference Finals, Warriors forward Draymond Green said it was just an accident. He said he just flails his legs sometimes while following through on shots, and he didn’t mean to square up Adams’ junk.

In fairness, Green does have a history of flailing his limbs about in order to embellish contact. One Warriors fan even dug up a bunch of clips and made a Draymond Green flailing limbs mixtape:

Of course, most basketball fans outside the San Francisco Bay area still weren’t buying it. The particular kick that whacked Adams in the babymakers just looked way too intentional. But the NBA? As Kevin Durant put it, “the league is about business.” They were not about to suspend the second-most important player on a team from the sixth-largest media market in the country. So they said, yeah, sure, we buy Green’s story. Players “flail their legs in an attempt to draw a foul.”

The league did upgrade the kick to a flagrant 2 (unnecessary and excessive) from a flagrant 1 (unnecessary) and fined him $25,000. But basically the NBA is saying, hey guys, go for it. Flail your legs around in the air. If you should happen to “accidentally” kick a guy in the nuts, well, it happens.

Not surprisingly, with the NBA’s tacit approval, Draymond Green was back to his capoeira-kicking ways during Game 5 on Thursday night.

Check out this one, in which he kicks Kevin Durant in the back of his shoulder:

Nothing to see here, folks. Just a totally normal basketball play in which one guy almost karate kick’s another guy in the head. Thanks Adam Silver!

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