Dolphins Linebacker Koa Misi Punched a Dude in the Head During a Nasty Miami Club Brawl

Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi Miami club brawl

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Miami Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi was at the center of a nasty Miami club brawl around 3:40 A.M. Sunday morning.

According to a report filed by an off-duty Fort Lauderdale police officer who was working security at Cyn nightclub, Misi and his friends got into an argument with another group. Then, just when it appeared that things had settled down and the groups were parting ways, Misi and other members of his group “charged” at the other group. That’s when the officer says he witness Misi punch a guy in the head, knocking him to the ground.

Here’s where the story gets really good. According to the report, Misi tried to flee the scene, but the off-duty cop morphed into Sergeant Martin Riggs, chased him down, and single-handedly apprehended the 6’4″, 250-pound linebacker while also fending off his friends until more cops arrived and helped him put the cuffs on Misi.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll ever find out if the supposed supercop’s story is 100% accurate. While Koa Misi was temporarily detained, he was not arrested because the victim in the incident declined to press charges. So the league will probably fine him, but the matter won’t wind up in court.

Oh well.

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