Miami Hurricanes Player Taunts NC State With Epic Bat Flip After Go-Ahead Homer (Video)

hurricanes bat flip

Even if Jose Bautista‘s iconic bat flip last season got him punched in the head this season, it’s hard to deny thanks to players like him and Yasiel Puig, that bat flips are officially trendy.

How do we know? Because we’re seeing stuff like this in a college game between NC State and the University of Miami:

That was Edgar Michelangeli of Miami, and that’s gaudy even by South Beach standards.

To be fair, that was a three-run shot that put the Hurricanes up 9-8 in the ninth inning, so it was a pretty big hit. But still. He held that bat up for what seemed to be an eternity. Somewhere, an old-timer is having a heart attack about the unspoken rules of the game.

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