Russell Westbrook Laughs When Asked If Steph Curry Was An Underrated Defender (Video)

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On Thursday night, the Golden State Warriors extended the Western Conference Finals for at least one more game thanks to a 120-111 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder at Oracle Arena on Thursday.

During the 4th quarter of Game 5, Steph Curry came up with a clutch steal against Kevin Durant, pretty much sealing the game in the waning moments.

After the game, ESPN reporter Michelle Steele asked both Westbrook & Durant whether the NBA’s steals leader was “underrated as a defender.”

Westbrook let out a giggle while covering his face, while Durant had this to say:

“I mean, getting steals, I don’t know if that’s — that’s a part of playing defense. He’s pretty good, but he doesn’t guard the best point guards. I think they do a good job of putting a couple of guys on Russell, from Thompson to [Andre] Iguodala — and Steph, they throw him in there sometimes. He moves his feet pretty well. He’s good with his hands. But, you know, I like our matchup with him guarding Russ.”

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