Steph Curry Gets a Shout-Out at the Scripps National Spelling Bee (Video)

spelling bee

In a recent spelling bee, a kid, looking terrified as all spelling bee contestants do, asked that the word “giallolino” be used in a sentence before he tackles its spelling.

The moderator/emcee/whatever gives a doozy of a sentence that’s roughly, “Painting a portrait for his shrine to Steph Curry, the artist used giallolino to create the perfect hue for his Golden State Warriors jersey.”

Here’s the clip:

Hmm. Ok. I guess it’s not a totally useless sentence. I can assume that giallolino is either blue or yellow, but that really doesn’t get me any closer to spelling the word. Even my spell checker says that it’s not a word, and spelling is its job.

What the clip DOESN’T give us is the kid’s response, which is a little maddening. I’M INVESTED NOW! HIS SUCCESS IS MY SUCCESS!

Of course, after some cursory digging, it’s clear that the kid, Nihar Janga, won the entire tourney, but only after he threw some shade at this kid, who messed up:

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