Two Boise State Football Players Expelled; Allegedly Forced Female Student To Perform Oral Sex


In the wake of the Baylor University sexual assault scandal that got head coach Art Briles and many others fired, Boise State is ridding themselves of three football players who were accused of sexual assault on different occasions, says the victim.

TMZ has the details:

“Two Boise State football players have been expelled from the school — and another player has been suspended for a year — in the wake of sexual assault allegations against them. 

The school launched an investigation after the alleged victim claimed she was forced into performing oral sex on all three players during incidents last year, this according to the Idaho Statesman

Redshirt freshman linebacker Marquis Hendrix and redshirt freshman corner Donzale Roddie were expelled. Redshirt freshman safety Darreon Jackson has been suspended. 

The woman reportedly told investigators the men essentially trapped her (blocking doors) on different occasions, and intimidated her into performing oral sex.  

All three men have denied wrongdoing — with Jackson saying, “nobody forced her to do anything.”

Boise State has issued a statement:

“Boise State is committed to thorough and fair investigations into all allegations of sexual misconduct — and to holding parties accountable when they are found to be responsible for violating the student code of conduct.”

It’s important to note that no charges have been brought against any of the players because Boise police have not received any reports from any victim or victims in this situation.

“The Boise Police department has not received a report concerning Marquis Hendrix, Donzale Roddie and Darreon Jackson and there is no current investigation.”

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