This Wakeboard Football Catch Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

wakeboard football catch

We’ve seen some pretty nasty things happen when people try to multitask while performing water sports. But every once in a while, we get a move that’s pure gold. This video below features one such move.

A guy on a dock is clearly preparing to toss a football to his buddy on a wakeboard. Cool, fine, whatever. Then it becomes clear that the wakeboarder is going to jump the wake around the time of the throw. Fine. Neat. Great.

But THEN, after the ball is released, the wakeboarder inverts on the jump and snags the ball while doing some sort of flip:

What do you got on this @bobsoven ? @dantedigangi with the hands. #handsteam :@steelydan24 :@ryancowboyanderson @Hitcase @rockstaryenergy @ronixwakeboards @supraboats @foxwake @mossyoak

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And the crowd goes wild!

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