Warren Sapp Owned on Twitter After Petty Complaint About Ravens Player Taking His Number AS A TRIBUTE (Tweets)

Warren Sapp Owned Twitter Ravens Timmy Jernigan taking number 99

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Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp has had a rough couple of years. First he was busted for soliciting prostitutes at Super Bowl 49. Then he was busted for domestic battery in Vegas. Then getting fired by the NFL Network for getting busted for prostitution and domestic battery. Then he declared bankruptcy, accidentally mailed a bunch of private documents to Jeremy Shockey, and Jeremy Shockey put them up on Twitter.

At this point you’d think Warren Sapp would be thrilled to see his name in the news for something other than hookers, domestic violence, or bankruptcy. But apparently not.

On Thursday, the Baltimore Ravens tweeted that second year defensive tackle ​Timmy Jernigan was changing his number from 97 to 99 to honor Sapp, one of his idols.

Here is Sapp’s response:

Damn, dude.

Needless to say, Twitter was quick to point out that Sapp should just have kept his mouth shut and taken the compliment:

I think Sapp might want to take a break from Twitter while he’s recovering from those burns.

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