Aaron Rodgers Blames Randall Cobb’s Injury On NFL’s Mic’d Up System

Randall Cobb one-handed catch

Being Mic’d up is a great way for fans to experience the on-field sights and sounds that take place on the field of play and along the sidelines during NFL games. Although most of it would never be released because of the language, it’s still interesting to hear players trash-talking other players.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers doesn’t seem to be a fan of the system.  He still blames it for the injury that teammate Randall Cobb suffered during a playoff game this past season.

Via The Score:

“Randall Cobb had a serious injury last year in a playoff game and I believe, as I think he would as well and the team, that was caused from him being mic’d up. Because he fell on his mic pack and he had an injury to his insides that kept him out of the game and probably would have kept him out of the rest of the playoffs. The puncture spot, or the injury spot, was directly adjacent to his mic pack.”

Rodgers himself is not a fan of wearing it at all.

“When I’m mic’d up, it takes away from the authenticity of the game for me. I don’t feel comfortable mic’d up,” he said.


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