Alan Pulido Kidnapping: Turns Out Badass Mexican Soccer Player John McClane’d His Kidnappers

Alan Pulido Kidnapping

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Yesterday we told you about reports that kidnapped Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido had been rescued by a daring police operation. At that time, we said that if the details of the story were true, it would be a huge win for Mexican officials in the battle against the drug cartels.

Well, guess what? It turns out the details initially reported by Mexican officials were not entirely true. Pulido was not rescued by federal and local police. Turns out the dude John McClane’d the bad guys and freed his own damn self.

Obviously, that’s a way more awesome story, but it’s bad news for Mexican officials who wanted to take all credit for the rescue.

Here’s what really happened. About 24 hours after being abducted, Pulido found himself alone with one of his captors. So the Olympiakos striker attacked the guy, they exchanged punches, and Pulido stole his gun. Then Pulido called the police.

The Associated Press obtained transcripts of three emergency calls. In the first, Pulido, who stands 5-foot-9 and weighs about 150 pounds, is heard threatening and beating his captor while on the phone, demanding to know where they are. Then he looks out a window and describes a white two-storey house with two cars parked in front.

In the second call, Pulido told the operator that state police had arrived, and the operator told him to fire the gun so they knew they were in the right place. However, Pulido said the gun didn’t have any bullets, and that the police themselves had already started shooting. He then described his shorts and tank top so they didn’t shoot him.

In the third call, Pulido confirmed with the operator that the police had arrived and that they were trustworthy, because in Mexico that’s not a given.

In the end, while the police obviously helped with the rescue, Pulido himself deserves most of the credit. The dude is a total badass.

Hat Tip – [AP]

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