This Punching Bag with Jon Jones’ Likeness Should Keep Daniel Cornier Plenty Motivated (Video)

daniel cornier jon jones

Putting an opponent’s face on a punching bag is nothing new for boxers. It’s a simple and easy way to stay focused on the person you need to beat, and it’s always good for a few seconds of screentime in an HBO 24/7 or something. For obvious reasons, this practice translates well to MMA as well.

But I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a good job of putting your opponent on a punching bag as we see here with this heavy bag emblazoned with Jon Jones‘ big ole’ face on it. Daniel Cormier shared it with the world on Instagram, but sadly can’t remember who the benefactor was that gave him this awesome gift.

Here it is. Hopefully, Cormier will remember the donor before it’s time to write thank-you cards.

Ha this is awesome. Can’t remember the company that sent it to me. So if you are the company that sent that to me I say thank you and please let me know so that I can tag you. You have made training camp easy lol. #goodtimes #trainingcamp #aka #ufc200 #happytodowhatilove

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