Kevin Durant Can’t Be Bothered with Arena’s Metal Detector, Just Walks Around It (Video)

kevin durant

I suppose one of the defining characteristics of success is not having to suffer the indignity of passing through a metal detector while iteratively removing objects until you’re allowed to pass, only to be frisked down by some man or woman who looks like they were piped into their pants using a pastry bag.

What we’re saying is…We understand why anyone, and certainly Kevin Durant, would go out of their way to avoid a metal detector, especially when their mind was on bigger things leading up to the epic game 7 showdown between the Thunder and Warriors.

I’m not sure exactly what the exchange was between Durant and the hapless security guard, but I’m guessing it was something like this:

Guard: You need to go through the metal detector, Mr. Durant.

KD: Nah.

Guard: Cool. Cool.



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