Filthy Steven Wright Knuckleball Defies Laws of Physics, Twists Chris Davis Up Like a Pretzel (Video)

steven wright knuckleball

Ask major league hitters about the best pitches in the history of baseball, and they’ll give you a lot of different answers. Most will probably say a Mariano Rivera cutter, but you’ll also get some guys who say a Randy Johnson slider, or a Sandy Koufax curveball, or an Aroldis Chapman fastball. Those were (or are) Hall of Fame pitches that would consistently stymie hitters. And yet none of them is as effective as a really good knuckleball.

So why doesn’t everyone just throw knuckleballs? Well, the problem with knuckleballs is that they are notoriously hard to replicate. One day a knuckleballer is unhittable because the ball is zigzagging all over (and out of) the strike zone. The next day it floats right down the pipe and hitters are cracking extra base hits left and right. Just ask former Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey.

Fortunately for the Red Sox, stating pitcher Steven Wright had his Cy Young knuckleball going on Monday against the Orioles. The guy pitched a complete game, four-hit, two-run shutout, walking five and striking out seven while making the Orioles’ hitters look ridiculous at the plate.

Just check out this strikeout pitch to Chris Davis. It’s one of the nastiest knuckleballs you’ll ever see:

Now, where have I seen that before?

Oh, right…

Better luck next time, Chris Davis.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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