Terrell Owens Wants to Play in “The Basketball Tournament,” the Annual Open Invitation Event with the $2 Million Payout


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At 42, Terrell Owens’ NFL days are way behind him. However, just because you get old, that doesn’t mean you lose your love of competition. So these days Owens has his eyes on a new prize—specifically, the $2 million prize at stake in The Basketball Tournament.

What the hell is the Basketball Tournament? Well, if you want the long answer, read the profile we did on it last year. You can also check out the “how it works” section of the Tournament website. But here’s a shorter version.

The Basketball Tournament, or TBT for short, is an open-invitation, 5-on-5 single elimination basketball tournament. There’s no entry fee, and anyone can sign a team up. But there is a catch. Entry into the tournament is determined by fan voting. So teams that feature famous players, are supported by famous people, are sponsored by big organizations, or are playing for noble causes are more likely to get voted in than, say, you and the random dudes you play ball with at the YMCA.

Last year over 300 teams applied, but only 97 made the cut. They included teams with former NBA and NCAA players, teams playing for charities, and, yes, even a few teams of random dudes who ran awesome social media campaigns.

The 2015 winner? A team called Overseas Elite made up of guys who play professionally overseas.

This year, Terrell Owens, who played Division I hoops at Tennessee-Chattanooga, is signed up for team CBA. He’s listed as a 6’2″ shooting guard. With just one more day of voting left, it’s not looking so good for team CBA. The top 70 teams so far all have more than 600 votes. Team CBA has just 245 votes.

The good news for Terrell’s team? A TBT selection committee picks some “at large” teams for each region. And a personality the size of T.O.’s might just sway them.

Stay tuned.

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