Brandon Browner Says The Saints Are ‘Weak As F*ck’ & He Stole Money From Them


Seattle Seahawks CB Brandon Browner struggled a bunch in his one and only season with the New Orleans Saints. Not wanting to have another tumultuous season like 2015, he returned to Seattle, signing a one-year deal with the Seahawks this offseason.

A few days ago, Browner posted a photo of himself and fellow teammate Richard Sherman on Instagram. Shouldn’t have been a issue, but it was.

Love Our Brother #LOB

A photo posted by Brandon Browner (@bbrowner39) on

After he posted the photo, a salty Saints fan threw shots at him. Clearly not thinking, Browner responded in the worst possible way by stating the Saints were “Weak ass fuck” and he stole money from them and ran.

Of course somebody took the screenshot.  


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