Chris Sale Signs Autograph for Mets Fan After Losing Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (Video)

chris sale signs autograph for mets fan after losing game of rock paper scissors

Generally speaking, you’ll find the rowdiest baseball fans sitting near the visitors bullpen, where they can heckle opposing pitchers all day long. When those fans are overserved, things can sometimes get a little intense, but most of the time you’ll just hear some playful banter with a bit of colorful language mixed in. And every once in a while, you’ll see something awesome, like this interaction between a Mets fan and Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale.

On Tuesday, a fan sitting behind the visitors bullpen at Citi Field asked Sale for an autograph. However, Sale wasn’t just about to give an autograph to an opposing fan for nothing. So he said he’d only sign the autograph if the fan beat him in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

When the fan won what was probably a best of three series with paper-over-rock, Sale acquiesced and signed the guy’s ball.

Take a look:

Just one of those little things that makes baseball great. Well done, Sale.

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