Broncos Cody Latimer Calls Cops During Argument with GF, Gets Arrested for Outstanding Warrant

cody latimer

Cody Latimer was in the middle of an argument with his girlfriend when he called the cops to state that his girlfriend “put her hands on him.” However, when the cops arrived at the scene of the confrontation, they ran both parties’ names, as they always do, and found that Latimer had an outstanding warrant for a failure to appear over a traffic ticket.

The girlfriend was taken in for allegedly assaulting Latimer, and he was taken in for his failure to appear warrant. He paid bail for both charges, and they were both released.

It’s unlikely that any assault charges will come Latimer’s way, and there’s no indication that any should be coming his girlfriend’s way either, but it’s still a strange set of circumstances when the person calling the cops gets arrested.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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