Edelman and Gronk Celebrated Memorial Day by Flipping a Golf Cart Over (Video)

It looks like the partying spirit of the Pats is alive and well. WR Julian Edelman and TE Rob Gronkowski decided to let off a little steam over the weekend (they hardly ever cut loose) and take a golf cart out for a spin. However, they got a little overzealous and flipped the damn thing.

I’m sure Belichick wasn’t too happy about this, but Pats haters are probably sending golf carts over to these guys by the dozen with hopes that it happens again and someone gets injured.

Here’s the clip:

Edelman & Gronks golf cart tipped over at Figawi and the Pats Season Flashes Before Our Eyes

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Here’s a quick clip, posted by JT himself, of Gronk dancing to Timberlake’s newest song:

And here’s Edelman dumping a drink on Gronk’s head in Nantucket. Looks like they had a pretty nice relaxing weekend!

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