Pawtucket Red Sox, Boston’s Triple-A Affiliate, to Host “Free Brady Night” June 10th


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I don’t know many people outside New England who feel sympathy for Tom Brady and the Patriots when it comes to this deflategate nonsense. And given how much people hate Roger Goodell, that’s really saying something.

Still, even if you hate Tom Brady with every fiber of your being, you have to love this promotion from the Pawtucket Red Sox. On Tuesday, Boston’s triple-A affiliate announced that June 10th will be “Free Brady Night” at McCoy Stadium. Anybody named Tom or Brady will get in for free, $13 box seats will go for $12, and the team will donate 25 cents from every ticket sold to one of Tom’s favorite charities. Get it? They’re giving a quarter back.

I’m not a big fan of the “Free Brady” thing, because Tom Brady is way more “free” than 99% of us. But I am a fan of clever promotions, and this one is first rate.

Well done, PawSox.

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