Buffalo Bisons to Host ‘Keep Brady Suspended’ Night In Response to Pawtucket’s ‘Free Tom Brady’ Night


Is there anything better than the ridiculous stunts that minor league teams will pull to get five seconds of fame? There really isn’t. So when Pawtucket hosted a “Free Tom Brady” night at the ballpark, which surely brought out all the sharpest legal minds New England had to offer, the Buffalo Bisons came back with a more direct theme that required far less effort:

“Keep Brady Suspended.”

From the site:

Some fans should be advised. If you are named ‘Tom’ or ‘Brady,’ you will be allowed entrance into Coca-Cola Field for ‘Keep Brady Suspended’ Night, but will not be allowed to watch the first four innings of game one of the doubleheader. Please, no appeals.

While I admire their moxie, I’m just DYING for this deflategate stuff to be over, and I guess this is a good sign that it’s getting less prevalent.  But maybe they could host a “quality baseball” night or something as a nice change of pace.

The “Keep Brady Suspended” game is actually a doubleheader against the Charlotte Knights on Saturday, June 11,  in case you find yourself in the Buffalo area that day.

Here’s some more info on “Keep Brady Suspended” night, via MILB.com:

Buy-One, Get-one Free Tickets to anyone that brings a PROPERLY-INFLATED football
to be donated to area youth football programs
Accepting UN-DESTROYED cell phone donations for ‘Cell Phones for Soldiers’ charity

A 12.5% discount in the Bisons’ gift shop for anyone that brings a
Tom Brady jersey/t-shirt to add to the postgame Fireworks Display
Help us remind Tom of the minimum amount of inflation for footballs,
for you know…once he gets to play again

Scoreboard videos featuring some of sports’ greatest cheaters,
with special video tribute to Patriots’ coach, Bill Belichick

and much, much more!

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