Dana White Says Ronda Rousey Might Not Fight Again Until 2017 (Video)

Holly Holm knockout Ronda Rousey

The MMA octagon hasn’t seen a Ronda Rousey fight since Holly Holm shockingly knocked her out at UFC 193 in November of 2015.

UFC president, Dana White was a guest on SportsCenter, where he broke the news that Rousey had knee surgery earlier in the week.  He also spoke about when she might be available to fight again.

“I’m hoping we’re going to get Ronda back this year,” White said on SportsCenter. “She actually, she just had surgery on her knee yesterday. Nothing serious, just get in there and scope it, clean it out a little bit.”

“She feels great, her spirits are great, she’s been training so if she fights, I’m hoping she fights in either December, if not she would probably fight at the like the New Year’s show, beginning of the year or something.”

White then went on Fox Sports’ ‘The Herd’ with Colin Cowherd and clarified that she didn’t have surgery and stated once again that he hopes she’s available for a December fight or January 2017.


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