Red Sox Leadoff Hitter Mookie Betts Makes History with Five Homers in Seven At-Bats Over Two Games (Video)


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Mookie Betts is having a pretty awesome week. On Tuesday the Red Sox’s 23-year-old leadoff hitter cracked three home runs against the Baltimore Orioles, the first two coming in his first two at-bats in the first and second innings. Then on Wednesday Betts hit two more homers, once again in his first two at-bats in the first and second innings.

It was the first time in the history of Major League Baseball anybody had hit two home runs in the first two innings in consecutive games. Meanwhile, the five homers in two games tied a big league record, and Betts was the first leadoff hitter to accomplish the feat.

Oh, and Betts was also the first guy since Josh Hamilton in 2012 to hit five dingers in seven at-bats.

See the onslaught for yourself:

On Tuesday morning Mookie woke up with nine home runs. When he went to bed on Wednesday he had 14. He now has three more homers than any other leadoff hitter.

“I felt pretty good,” Betts said after the game. “I’m swinging at good pitches. I’m managing my at-bats well, so I’ll try to ride the wave.”

Red Sox fans are hoping he rides the wave for a long time.

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