Mountain Biker Narrowly Avoids Death When this Mountaintop Wheelie Goes Wrong (Video)

mountain bike wheelie

I don’t think any person with a lick or two of common sense needs to be told that riding bikes on mountains and near cliffs is a really dangerous thing to do. But just in case you don’t believe that, check out this video.

On a ride in Gooseberry Mesa, Utah, a mountain biker named Yuri attempted to perform a wheelie at the edge of a cliff, over a small gap in the rock. I’m not sure if the wheelie was for show, or if it was simply what needed to be done in order to clear the gap, but it didn’t go well, and the rider in question clearly got hurt from the fall, which saw his bike teeter off the edge of the whole mesa.

It’s scary:

They’re laughing, but probably only because they’re slightly in shock about how this would have turned out nine times out of ten.

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