The NFL Has Spent $14.7 Million Trying to Stick It to Brady and the Patriots Over “Deflategate”


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The deflategate scandal has been going on for 500 days now. The first 100 days or so the scandal was about whether or not Tom Brady told Patriots equipment managers to let the air out of footballs. Ever since then it’s been about the scope of Roger Goodell‘s power as commissioner of the NFL. Brady and the NFLPA have argued that Goodell overstepped his authority by conducting a witch hunt and suspending Brady for four games. Goodell, meanwhile, has basically argued he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Of course, as you probably know, lengthy legal battles are not cheap. And this has been a very lengthy legal battle. First the league conducted its investigation. Then Brady and the NFLPA appealed the decision. Then the appeal was denied. Then Brady and the NFLPA sued the league to block the suspension. Then the league appealed the decision of that lawsuit. Now Brady and the NFLPA filed a petition to have all 13 judges in the New York court of appeals weigh in on the case.

So how much have the parties spent on all this? Well, according to ESPN’s legal experts, the total comes to a whopping $22.5 million.

Think about that number. Let it sink in. Twenty-two-point-five million f*cking dollars. The NFLPA has spent about $7.1 million. The NFL has spent twice that, or about $14.7 million. The Patriots, meanwhile, have spent about $750,000.

Personally, I hope they all just keep suing each other until everyone is bankrupt.

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