Tennis Player Robin Haase Penalized for Mocking Opponent’s Excessive Grunting (Video)

Tennis Player Robin Haase Penalized for Mocking Opponent's Excessive Grunting (Video)

You kids probably don’t remember this, but there was a time when all you heard when you watched tennis on TV was balls popping against rackets and feet shuffling along the court.

These days you still here the popping and the shuffling, of course. But you also hear loud, guttural grunting, as though players are trying to lift a piano while simultaneously dropping a deuce and having an orgasm. And it’s really f%#&ing annoying, both to fans at home as well as the handful of players who don’t grunt.

Well, this week 86th-ranked Dutch tennis player Robin Haase decided he’d had enough. In the middle of a long rally against 183rd-ranked Gonzalo Lama at a ATP Challenger Tour event in the Czech Republic, Haase mocked his opponent’s excessive grunting by letting out a big grunt of his own.

Unfortunately, this did not go over well with the chair umpire. Only sincere grunting is allowed in tennis, apparently, so Haase was penalized one point.

Take a look:

Personally I don’t care what the umpire thinks, Robin Haase is a goddamn hero. I’d like to see more players take a stand against ridiculous tennis grunting.

Hat Tip – [Independent]

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