Apparently Drake Is a Huge Fan of NBA Sideline Reporter Dorris Burke

drake big fan doris burke

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Drake is a fan of many things. Basketball. Toronto. Booty calls. Lint-free clothing.

Now we can add veteran NBA sideline reporter Doris Burke to the list.

Burke sat down for an interview with NY Mag in Oakland prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals. During that interview (which you should read, because it’s very interesting) she talked about the last time she was in Toronto, and how Drake turned around and professed his love for her.

Check it out:

You can’t talk about the NBA without talking about popular culture. The worlds of entertainment and basketball—
They’re overlapping now.

You go to a Raptors game and Drake is sitting there.
Can I tell you something about the last time I was there? I just could not believe this happened. Drake turned around — my seat at game six was right behind him — makes a heart shape [with his hands], and points at me. I’m looking around behind me to see who’s there, turn back to him, and then he points and he does it again. I texted my daughter and said, “You need to know Drake just did this to me.

That is a fantastic story. I can’t wait for Drake to name-drop Burke on a future single.

Hat Tip – [NY Mag via The Score]

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