Jemele Hill On The Many Reasons Steph Curry Is Disrespected So Openly: “He’s Light-Skinned” (Audio)

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Golden State Warriors PG Stephen Curry is in his 7th year in the NBA, but unlike most superstar players, Curry has gained a bunch of notoriety and some extreme amount of dislike and hate within the last 2 years. With success comes a bunch of haters, as with any profession, but according to ESPN’s Jemele Hill, it goes much deeper than just basketball.

On the latest episode of Michael Rapaport’s I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST on CBS Radio’s podcast network, Rapaport spoke with Jemele Hill about the sudden hate and why former and current NBA players openly disrespect him.

“Could you have imagined this Curry backlash?” Rapaport incredulously asked Hill. “Could you have imagined so fast, people turning on Curry so quick? And why do you think that happened? Because, as far a sports guy and like a hero, he’s you’d want. But then he has a couple of bad games and he’s on the ropes and just like, boom. People are laughing at him, giggling at him, talking ‘greazy,’ what’s that all about?”

“I knew it would happen eventually, because eventually it happens to everybody,” Hill said. “Because success does breed contempt for a lot of people. But here’s the thing: there’s so many layers to the Steph Curry hatred.”

Jemele also added that Curry is “light-skinned” and that’s “exposed this deeper level of insecurity within black people that they have when it comes to skin tone.”

“You’ve got to understand, it’s not just people on Twitter and social media that hate,” Hill said. “The open disrespect that he’s shown by other players I’ve never seen before. It’s completely crazy. For LeBron, to all of a sudden, unprovoked, go into this conversation about what value is in the NBA, it’s like, he wouldn’t have done that if Russell Westbrook won it. Then you have (Damian) Lillard dropping the tweet ‘no excuses’, like, they didn’t do that with LeBron, they didn’t even do that with Dirk Nowitzki! People are going in on him and his team got sent home in the first round the year he won the MVP. And yet it’s completely acceptable to do it with Steph.”

Hill’s entire interview beginning at 21:50:

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