Kobe Asked Difference Between Steph & LeBron; ‘Curry/Klay Are Stone Cold Killers’ (Video)


Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry really emerged as one of the faces of the NBA last year and put the world on notice with his unbelievable shooting skills. Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James has been doing his thing since he’s been in the league, he can play every position and he can guard every position. So who does newly retired Los Angeles Lakers great, Kobe Bryant think has that killer instinct like he used to have?

“I get a kick out of watching Golden State, because they seem very unassuming. Klay and Steph seem very calm, nice guys, but those guys are stone-cold killers, they have a strong sense of killer instinct.” – Kobe Bryant on Klay Thompson & Stephen Curry

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