Lawrence Taylor’s Wife Arrested For Beating Him Up: “Yea, I Beat His A**”


It’s kind of unusual when you talk about an arrest in the Taylor household and it’s not former New York Giants linebacker, Lawrence Taylor.

This time around, he’s the alleged victim. There’s not too many people on this earth that can say they got the best of Lawrence Taylor.  That is until he ran into his wife on Thursday.

According to TMZ:

“Cops say Lynette ADMITTED to throwing an object at the back of LT’s head — ‘causing a 3-inch laceration … at one point saying, “Yeah, I beat [his] ass. I made him bleed.”

Lynette later told officers she was just being sarcastic.

Cops also say alcohol was involved.

Cops say Lynette was a terror when they arrived to the scene — cussing at them and trying to strike them with her arms and legs.

Despite the craziness, cops say LT told them he does not wish to prosecute.

Lynette was arrested anyway and faces domestic violence and resisting arrest charges.”

Initially, she denied attacking him and stated: “That’s a lie. My husband is a 300-pound linebacker.”

Much like her husband, who she married in 2007, she’s been arrested three times in the past for violence (1991, 2001, 2008).

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