Hey, Let’s Watch Matthew Dellavedova Whack Andre Iguodala in the Junk! (Video)

matthew dellavedova whack andre iguodala in the junk

The 2016 NBA Finals got underway in Oakland on Thursday night. And while the Golden State Warriors lead the series 1-0, the Cleveland Cavaliers lead 1-0 in nutshots.

Late in the third quarter, with the Cavaliers trailing by just three points, Andre Iguodala carried the ball down the court after a turnover by Matthew Dellavedova. When he got there, Dellavedova whacked him in the nuts!

Officially, the nutwhack was an accident. Delly was tying to slap the ball out of Iguodala’s hands and missed, slapping his groin instead. But Iguodala was still pissed, and very nearly earned himself a technical foul afterward.

Take a look:

After a replay review, the referees decided not to give Dellavedova a flagrant. They also decided not to give Iguodala a technical.

After the game, the Warriors were pretty diplomatic. Of course, they really had no choice given what Draymond Green did in the previous round.

“Delly needs to play like this to stay in the league,” opined former Cavalier Anderson Varejao. “If you ask me if Delly is a dirty player, I don’t think he is, but he has a way that he plays. He needs to do this for that team; play hard and tough.”

Iguodala echoed those sentiments.

“I’m not going to judge or say anything negative about him,” Iguodala said after the Warriors went on a 25-8 run to blow the Cavs out in the fourth quarter. “[Dellavedova’s] out there competing. There are a lot of emotions going on out there. I respect a lot of guys’ hustle in this league. You’ve got guys who’ve got to get a little dirty, got to be a little physical, to make a life and to feed their family, so I can only respect that.”

If all this sounds familiar, that’s because we were having the same discussion about whether or not Dellavedova is a dirty player last year.


Of course, the Warriors are exaggerating the extent to which Dellavedova would be useless with out his “hustle.” The guy averaged 11 points, 6.5 assists, and 3.1 rebounds per 36 minutes this season. Those are pretty solid numbers for a second-string point guard.

You just keep doing you, Delly.

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