Jerry West On Critics of LeBron’s Finals Record : I’d Want To Strangle You Guys.”

New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors

Los Angeles Lakers legend Jerry West is not a fan of people who criticize Cleveland Cavs’ superstar LeBron James and his NBA Finals record.

On Saturday, West, who is currently a minority owner of the Golden State Warriors, put media members and fans on notice about what he would do if he faced that same ridiculous criticism that LeBron is facing now.


West, who is the only player in league history to win a Finals MVP while playing for the losing team, went on to state how none of James’ losses have been with his team as the favorite.


Not entirely true. James’ squads were favored in 2011 against the Mavs and in 2013 against the Spurs. West can sympathize with LeBron because of his own 1-8 Finals record, but that happened way before social media was around.

West went on to add:

“I don’t want to sound like Donald Trump, but it’s hard to believe that someone doesn’t recognize that greatness.”

Jerry West is trying to fight an uphill battle at this point. If LeBron sneezes incorrectly, he would be hated.

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